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locked, financial help, holy living, holy, worthy, call, evidence

Clean it up

As I mentioned previously, we have had the opportunity to spend some time cleaning up someone’s home of dust and clutter and just a bunch of "stuff".
As most of you know that have followed us from the beginning, you know we have believed the Lord led us to empty our lives of the "things" in our lives like our belongings, and to either sell them or get rid of them. We did. We emptied ourselves of so many things in our lives. We have found that even when we go to Wal-mart, or walk through the stores, we find that we are not as drawn to certain things as we were before…at least not for the same reasons.

Whatcha looking for?

"Hey there!  How are you?  Whatcha lookin' for?"  These are the words we keep hearing as we are in the process of looking for an RV or motor home of sorts.  We have heard this over and over. 
In the beginning, we honestly had to say, we don't know.  We had only begun looking at the different types, sizes, measurements, etc - wow!  There's alot to consider!  If you have ever purchased your first home, first car, spent time searching for the college of your choice, or even tried to decide what cup of coffee you might want at the local Starbucks coffee shop, you may have experienced some of that.

Locked Tight

Every night before we go to sleep, most of us have a routine, don't we?  We go through the house, and we check the doors and locks and make sure everything is locked up before going to sleep.  When we go on vacation or away for a weekend trip, we do the same thing.  We make arrangements to have someone check our mail, and to check on the house, don't we?  We are always watching out for the things that we possess and that we hold dear.  We keep our eye on them and want to take care of them, right?