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Back to the basics

In our journey we never know what we may experience.  Yesterday was truly an experience that will forever be imprinted in our minds and on our heart.  One simple phone call from an aunt and our journey encountered a piece of the past.   As we traveled the backroads of Virginia, northwest of Lynchburg, we found ourselves winding down around and through narrow paved roads, crossing small bridges, and in some cases, dodging the limbs of small trees.   Some of the leaves were still embracing to the fall colors while others had given up and let go of the trees to give way to winters call.

Ending Well and Starting Fresh

Well, we were so blessed to end the year 2012 with family and friends in Texas.  What a delight it was to travel back to Texas and share the holiday season there.  The blog suffered a bit through the holiday season as we entered the Texas scene.  We hit the ground running though.  We did not spend much computer time as we were spending a great deal of “people time”.  So, how do we sum up the first trip out to the Northeast and our return?  We sum it up asking God to make the foundation SURE, STRONG, and SECURE in Him.

In the mouth of a whale

Have you ever felt like life was just swallowing you up? Are you in that corporate job and you just feel like you are going nowhere and you are making no difference there? Do you wish that something could change to get you into a different set of circumstances? How long is this going to take? Do you feel swallowed up and crying out to God to get you out of this? How often do you find yourself feeling like you will sit in this dark place forever? Maybe you are not just in a dark place or even in depression or anything, but perhaps you just feel like you are in a rut of some kind?

Playing in the Sandbox

Have you ever had the chance to just play in the sand along the beach or play in your own little sandbox? Do you remember digging through the sand to find some unique hidden treasure? Perhaps, you were one of the little ones who loved to build the castles in the sand on the beach. Maybe even better, you liked to bury treasures in the sand…maybe even your favorite person like a friend or even a mom or dad? Things like this tend to bring back some fond memories for people.
As we have been on this journey here in New York, this weekend, we had the opportunity to perform for a church fall festival.