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Everytime we begin to take a walk with our Heavenly Father in this life and allow Him to have His way in our lives, He continues to reveal Himself in a myriad of ways.  He shows up for us as our Provider so many times through our friends and family and Faithful Friend Partners.  He shows us that He is Faithful in all things whether we see Him or not...we can rest assure He is working and moving on our behalf.  He shows up for us as our Comforter when we are in need or even grieving the loss of a dear loved one.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Sometimes the call can be difficult.  The phone rings and you hear those dreadful words that someone dear to you has died.  Our first response is sadness.  But for those who believe, there is comfort and assurance in knowing they are a child of God.  There is a peace that passes all understanding.  Immediately, we realize we have been called to duty and hesitation isn't an option.  Within 24 hours, we were on the journey of over 1200 miles to seek the family and friends who now grieve the loss of such a precious loved one.

He made a change...now what?

I have been looking back over our journey and began thinking of how much God has done in our life.  I look at not only how much He has changed who I am in knowing Him through the salvation experience I made many years ago, but more so how He has changed me as an individual, a wife, a friend, and even a servant for Him.  In the last blog, I pointed out the importance of how Knowing Him seems to make a change on us not only inwardly, but outwardly as well.  I was reminded of a the old song entitled, “He made a change”.

1-31-13 - KNOW THE LORD

I once heard, “you don’t throw something away just because it’s a little broken”.  I see how applicable this is when it comes to our lives as well.  This week has been no exception.
This week, I have encountered stories from other women who are struggling with areas in their lives.  One young lady came to me and discussed some areas in her life where she has begun to see she needs something more.  She has lived a life of drugs and alcohol, of immorality, and great sin.  She had even been told by someone that she was not worthy of the Christian life and God couldn’t forgive her.

When the church is gone

As we have been able to go from place to place and view the beautiful sights of this country, we seen astonishing things.  We have described some of the most precious places to you.   We have given you images of secluded places, natural beauty, sights that were unimaginable and so many that were breathtaking.  It has been so exciting to see what new and beautiful sight the Lord would bless us with each day.   However, we have also shared with you things like forgotten faces of those we have encountered.

Just Breathe

Have you ever had one of those scary moments when you are eating something or take a drink of something and you just can’t seem to catch a breath? Perhaps you are someone who has suffered with asthma and you completely understand the impact of what it feels like to have what seems like no air in the lungs. Maybe you have had a heart attack and you feel those things leading up to it and the sense of that elephant sitting on your chest. It’s a scary thought and an even worse feeling when it happens to you personally and you just can’t catch your breath.

Down At Your Feet

I have found myself in such an awkward place this week and realized some things about myself. I have realized that I not only come to Christ each day with all my "stuff" and lay it at His feet, but I realize that when I do, I bring all of my ""dirty laundry" so to speak, to Him to clean it up again. Or, as the story in the bible goes, I find that often times I come to Him like Mary did and offer Him the best I have to give to Him. I only come to realize that even in my most human heart, the best I have to give to Him is still not always clean.

Ouch That Hurt!

Have you ever had one of those times you pound your finger with a hammer, or slam it in a door, or scrape your knee from a fall? Both Tim and I have about beaten our hands to pieces while working on this particular house. We have both yelled at one time or another, "Ouch that hurt!" Once, while we working in the yard on the flowerbed, we were pulling out these old stumps and weeds, etc. It just so happens we had gloves on because it had been full of all sorts of prickly things. Poor Tim, just so happened to find the prickly thing that involved a cactus!

Clean it up

As I mentioned previously, we have had the opportunity to spend some time cleaning up someone’s home of dust and clutter and just a bunch of "stuff".
As most of you know that have followed us from the beginning, you know we have believed the Lord led us to empty our lives of the "things" in our lives like our belongings, and to either sell them or get rid of them. We did. We emptied ourselves of so many things in our lives. We have found that even when we go to Wal-mart, or walk through the stores, we find that we are not as drawn to certain things as we were before…at least not for the same reasons.

A busy journey

Well, it has been a little bit since I last logged a note for our journey, but we have been none the less, quite busy!
This journey to date, has included meeting some of the neatest people, traveling to some of the most amazing and beautiful places, and ministering and sharing God’s word in music, testimony, and Tim preaching some as well. Whether we have encountered people one on one, or several in a crowd or a service, God has continued to bless us and to enrich our lives with these kind people.