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When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Sometimes the call can be difficult.  The phone rings and you hear those dreadful words that someone dear to you has died.  Our first response is sadness.  But for those who believe, there is comfort and assurance in knowing they are a child of God.  There is a peace that passes all understanding.  Immediately, we realize we have been called to duty and hesitation isn't an option.  Within 24 hours, we were on the journey of over 1200 miles to seek the family and friends who now grieve the loss of such a precious loved one.

How the Journey started...continued

How the journey started …continued
Yesterday I wrote that we would need to see:
God's full protection,
Our faith in our Father's provision for us,
and to realize that His full projection of His will would be our central focus
So what would His protection look like? How do you describe what that actually means? God has a purpose that has led Tim and I to step out and believe that if we are to truly submit to His plan, that He too would have to get us there….safely, on time, and that He would be our guide to each destination or divine appointment He has for us.

How the journey started

Well, by now, many of you have been curious as to where we are and/or what we have been doing on our journey.  So, let me give you an update as to what's been going on with us. 
As we started our journey and headed out on the first part of September, it was what we have both referred to as bittersweet.  As you know, Tim and I sold pretty much all of our belongings but a few odds and ends that would fit in a closet size room.  We had to say goodbye to our family, friends, and even our dog knowing that it would be awhile before we saw them again (at least two months).