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My Name

There was a story I recently shared of a young woman who had the opportunity to teach a sweet class of children.  By the end of the day, she laughed with her family as she reflected on the day.  One of the greatest things that impacted that day was that she never realized how many times she would have to hear her own name from this class of children.  The entire day consisted of hearing things like:  “Mrs. Smith, I don’t know what to do”, “Mrs. Smith, can you help me tie my shoe?

Alot of Value

I have been challenged recently by one of the young women to whom we have been ministering.  It seems as though she feels she does nothing right, feels like a failure and just continues to drain herself with these thoughts of discontent, and lies from the enemy. 

As I am a very positive person, I find it hard to listen to others who find such negative words to say about themselves or anyone.  I am learning though that as I listen to others share their hearts, so many of them are just buried with guilt from their past, or they choose to live in such a horrible view of who they are as a new creation in Christ.

When I'm Invisible

Recently I had the opportunity to visit with a young mother who was sharing her heart with me.  She shared the struggles of being a new mom, the struggles of having to keep the house, and finding a balance between who she is as an individual, a wife, a mother, and friend.  It struck me when she said: “I think I’m invisible…even with the people I know.”  Now, this is not just a very shy and quiet mother who just sits in the pews.  This is a woman who has been actively involved in her local church, in the lives of individuals, and in the community.

Getting Rooted...Getting Real

Recently I had the opportunity to be a part of a youth camp that I had originally no intentions of being a part.  It seemed though that the Lord saw a bit differently as He opened the doors for it all to happen.  I was asked to be one of the girl counselors and I questioned as to why God would choose “me” to go to youth camp.  I still keep giggling at the thought that He actually wanted me to do this.  Yes, I was definitely reminded that I was not 16 anymore…however it didn’t mean that my own heart and life would not be impacted as well.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Sometimes the call can be difficult.  The phone rings and you hear those dreadful words that someone dear to you has died.  Our first response is sadness.  But for those who believe, there is comfort and assurance in knowing they are a child of God.  There is a peace that passes all understanding.  Immediately, we realize we have been called to duty and hesitation isn't an option.  Within 24 hours, we were on the journey of over 1200 miles to seek the family and friends who now grieve the loss of such a precious loved one.

He made a change...now what?

I have been looking back over our journey and began thinking of how much God has done in our life.  I look at not only how much He has changed who I am in knowing Him through the salvation experience I made many years ago, but more so how He has changed me as an individual, a wife, a friend, and even a servant for Him.  In the last blog, I pointed out the importance of how Knowing Him seems to make a change on us not only inwardly, but outwardly as well.  I was reminded of a the old song entitled, “He made a change”.

Ending Well and Starting Fresh

Well, we were so blessed to end the year 2012 with family and friends in Texas.  What a delight it was to travel back to Texas and share the holiday season there.  The blog suffered a bit through the holiday season as we entered the Texas scene.  We hit the ground running though.  We did not spend much computer time as we were spending a great deal of “people time”.  So, how do we sum up the first trip out to the Northeast and our return?  We sum it up asking God to make the foundation SURE, STRONG, and SECURE in Him.

Different faces, same family

A note from Tim for each ofyou:
It is an amazing experience to cross paths with our kinship in Christ.   Everywhere we have been, we have stumbled on to fellow believers.
I am often amazed how the Lord uses his people to encourage each other.  People like Molly.  She came up to us after a meeting in a senior assisted living home and said "I could tell you were Christians before you started.". She then continued to spur us on and encourage us as well.   What a joy and a delight.

In the mouth of a whale

Have you ever felt like life was just swallowing you up? Are you in that corporate job and you just feel like you are going nowhere and you are making no difference there? Do you wish that something could change to get you into a different set of circumstances? How long is this going to take? Do you feel swallowed up and crying out to God to get you out of this? How often do you find yourself feeling like you will sit in this dark place forever? Maybe you are not just in a dark place or even in depression or anything, but perhaps you just feel like you are in a rut of some kind?

Playing in the Sandbox

Have you ever had the chance to just play in the sand along the beach or play in your own little sandbox? Do you remember digging through the sand to find some unique hidden treasure? Perhaps, you were one of the little ones who loved to build the castles in the sand on the beach. Maybe even better, you liked to bury treasures in the sand…maybe even your favorite person like a friend or even a mom or dad? Things like this tend to bring back some fond memories for people.
As we have been on this journey here in New York, this weekend, we had the opportunity to perform for a church fall festival.