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Standing firm
My Name
Alot of Value
When I'm Invisible


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decisions, choice, Jesus, righteousness, seek, searching, looking,Alice in Wonderland, cheshire cat,

Standing firm

Often in the Christian walk we will find ourselves confronting issues which may be uncomfortable.  Other issues may make us take stands when we would rather run the other way or possibly ride the fence.  In a day when knowing what you believe is so important, you better know what you are building your foundation on and just where you take your stand.  
I remember one incident in which we were told we could not speak out against a certain lifestyle or we could be arrested.  We are sensing the persecution across the land.

My Name

There was a story I recently shared of a young woman who had the opportunity to teach a sweet class of children.  By the end of the day, she laughed with her family as she reflected on the day.  One of the greatest things that impacted that day was that she never realized how many times she would have to hear her own name from this class of children.  The entire day consisted of hearing things like:  “Mrs. Smith, I don’t know what to do”, “Mrs. Smith, can you help me tie my shoe?

Alot of Value

I have been challenged recently by one of the young women to whom we have been ministering.  It seems as though she feels she does nothing right, feels like a failure and just continues to drain herself with these thoughts of discontent, and lies from the enemy. 

As I am a very positive person, I find it hard to listen to others who find such negative words to say about themselves or anyone.  I am learning though that as I listen to others share their hearts, so many of them are just buried with guilt from their past, or they choose to live in such a horrible view of who they are as a new creation in Christ.

When I'm Invisible

Recently I had the opportunity to visit with a young mother who was sharing her heart with me.  She shared the struggles of being a new mom, the struggles of having to keep the house, and finding a balance between who she is as an individual, a wife, a mother, and friend.  It struck me when she said: “I think I’m invisible…even with the people I know.”  Now, this is not just a very shy and quiet mother who just sits in the pews.  This is a woman who has been actively involved in her local church, in the lives of individuals, and in the community.

When the church is gone

As we have been able to go from place to place and view the beautiful sights of this country, we seen astonishing things.  We have described some of the most precious places to you.   We have given you images of secluded places, natural beauty, sights that were unimaginable and so many that were breathtaking.  It has been so exciting to see what new and beautiful sight the Lord would bless us with each day.   However, we have also shared with you things like forgotten faces of those we have encountered.

Who Defines It?

How do you define what ministry is? How do you decide to whom you will minister? Do you choose someone by their race, their hair color, or even shape or size? Do you only minister someone(s) only when they are in a major crisis? How is someone to decide what real ministry is? Is ministry only in the church? Do we only minister to the sick and ailing or sing carols at Christmas to shut-ins and those who are lonely? So how should we really define what ministry should like to others or even to ourselves?

Ending Well and Starting Fresh

Well, we were so blessed to end the year 2012 with family and friends in Texas.  What a delight it was to travel back to Texas and share the holiday season there.  The blog suffered a bit through the holiday season as we entered the Texas scene.  We hit the ground running though.  We did not spend much computer time as we were spending a great deal of “people time”.  So, how do we sum up the first trip out to the Northeast and our return?  We sum it up asking God to make the foundation SURE, STRONG, and SECURE in Him.

Down At Your Feet

I have found myself in such an awkward place this week and realized some things about myself. I have realized that I not only come to Christ each day with all my "stuff" and lay it at His feet, but I realize that when I do, I bring all of my ""dirty laundry" so to speak, to Him to clean it up again. Or, as the story in the bible goes, I find that often times I come to Him like Mary did and offer Him the best I have to give to Him. I only come to realize that even in my most human heart, the best I have to give to Him is still not always clean.

A busy journey

Well, it has been a little bit since I last logged a note for our journey, but we have been none the less, quite busy!
This journey to date, has included meeting some of the neatest people, traveling to some of the most amazing and beautiful places, and ministering and sharing God’s word in music, testimony, and Tim preaching some as well. Whether we have encountered people one on one, or several in a crowd or a service, God has continued to bless us and to enrich our lives with these kind people.

Different faces, same family

A note from Tim for each ofyou:
It is an amazing experience to cross paths with our kinship in Christ.   Everywhere we have been, we have stumbled on to fellow believers.
I am often amazed how the Lord uses his people to encourage each other.  People like Molly.  She came up to us after a meeting in a senior assisted living home and said "I could tell you were Christians before you started.". She then continued to spur us on and encourage us as well.   What a joy and a delight.