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Alot of Value

I have been challenged recently by one of the young women to whom we have been ministering.  It seems as though she feels she does nothing right, feels like a failure and just continues to drain herself with these thoughts of discontent, and lies from the enemy. 

As I am a very positive person, I find it hard to listen to others who find such negative words to say about themselves or anyone.  I am learning though that as I listen to others share their hearts, so many of them are just buried with guilt from their past, or they choose to live in such a horrible view of who they are as a new creation in Christ.

Back to the basics

In our journey we never know what we may experience.  Yesterday was truly an experience that will forever be imprinted in our minds and on our heart.  One simple phone call from an aunt and our journey encountered a piece of the past.   As we traveled the backroads of Virginia, northwest of Lynchburg, we found ourselves winding down around and through narrow paved roads, crossing small bridges, and in some cases, dodging the limbs of small trees.   Some of the leaves were still embracing to the fall colors while others had given up and let go of the trees to give way to winters call.

Down At Your Feet

I have found myself in such an awkward place this week and realized some things about myself. I have realized that I not only come to Christ each day with all my "stuff" and lay it at His feet, but I realize that when I do, I bring all of my ""dirty laundry" so to speak, to Him to clean it up again. Or, as the story in the bible goes, I find that often times I come to Him like Mary did and offer Him the best I have to give to Him. I only come to realize that even in my most human heart, the best I have to give to Him is still not always clean.

Clean it up

As I mentioned previously, we have had the opportunity to spend some time cleaning up someone’s home of dust and clutter and just a bunch of "stuff".
As most of you know that have followed us from the beginning, you know we have believed the Lord led us to empty our lives of the "things" in our lives like our belongings, and to either sell them or get rid of them. We did. We emptied ourselves of so many things in our lives. We have found that even when we go to Wal-mart, or walk through the stores, we find that we are not as drawn to certain things as we were before…at least not for the same reasons.