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Trains, Hands, Building, Blueprint, journey,Results,Master


Everytime we begin to take a walk with our Heavenly Father in this life and allow Him to have His way in our lives, He continues to reveal Himself in a myriad of ways.  He shows up for us as our Provider so many times through our friends and family and Faithful Friend Partners.  He shows us that He is Faithful in all things whether we see Him or not...we can rest assure He is working and moving on our behalf.  He shows up for us as our Comforter when we are in need or even grieving the loss of a dear loved one.

When the church is gone

As we have been able to go from place to place and view the beautiful sights of this country, we seen astonishing things.  We have described some of the most precious places to you.   We have given you images of secluded places, natural beauty, sights that were unimaginable and so many that were breathtaking.  It has been so exciting to see what new and beautiful sight the Lord would bless us with each day.   However, we have also shared with you things like forgotten faces of those we have encountered.

Different faces, same family

A note from Tim for each ofyou:
It is an amazing experience to cross paths with our kinship in Christ.   Everywhere we have been, we have stumbled on to fellow believers.
I am often amazed how the Lord uses his people to encourage each other.  People like Molly.  She came up to us after a meeting in a senior assisted living home and said "I could tell you were Christians before you started.". She then continued to spur us on and encourage us as well.   What a joy and a delight.

One piece at a time

One of the things I like to do is to work with my hands.  Like when I built my trackless train.  I started with an old sign trailer and a used riding mower.  I had NO clue what the end result would be when I began building the train.  Without putting pen to paper, and no blueprint to follow, I began building.  In my head, I could envision what I wanted, so that's what I did.  I bought the plywood, all the nuts and bolts, paint, the bells, the whistles, and just started putting together the way I thought it should be.