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When I'm Invisible

Recently I had the opportunity to visit with a young mother who was sharing her heart with me.  She shared the struggles of being a new mom, the struggles of having to keep the house, and finding a balance between who she is as an individual, a wife, a mother, and friend.  It struck me when she said: “I think I’m invisible…even with the people I know.”  Now, this is not just a very shy and quiet mother who just sits in the pews.  This is a woman who has been actively involved in her local church, in the lives of individuals, and in the community.

My thoughts and my heart truly went out to that young mother.  But I had some thoughts that I began to ponder as I left her home.  How often do we think we are invisible to others?  What has happened to connecting, building relationships, friendships, and even just being down right neighborly?  How many of us actually know our neighbors?  What happened to community? 

One of the greatest things I see for that poor mother is that her church itself is also at fault.  Why has the church not stepped up and helped her more?  How is it that she could look around her in her own church and say those words?  How is it that we as individuals get so wrapped up and involved in our own lives that we forget the needs of those around us?  Oh, sure, we are quick to jump and maybe take a meal or two when someone is ill, a death happens, or even a baby is born.  But what about the needs that come later on?  How many are there for those when everyone else walks away after a death months down the road?  Not just in the immediate needs, but the full aspects of connecting with others.  People are all around us and yet we fail to see their needs or we choose to look past them.  Why?

The scriptures teach us that Jesus went to the people.  Jesus looked for the needs.  Jesus was quick to find them…why?  Because the needs of hurting people were all around Him.  We, too have needs of hurting people all around us.  I just challenge you to look around you and see the needs of those even close by you.  You may not realize the deep seeded need there.  But, build connections with one another and really let others see Jesus in you.  Community is important.  We must find ways to build up one another.  Seek to find someone today who just might need you!  Don’t allow someone to be near you and have those same words as that young mother.  Allow them to see themselves through God’s eyes because we certainly are not invisible to Him. 

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