Tim and Natalie Lockhart -  Strengthening...Encouraging...Equipping...Going
“ Your ministry is much needed."
Dr. Jerry Falwell - 2006
Founding Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church
Founding Chancellor of Liberty University
Passed Away 2007
"...Tim has a love for the Lord and a love to minister to people.  I have seen the effortless ministry in many different settings.  ...does not just entertain but truly seeks to be used in any way possible."
Dr. David Hixon
Pastor, First Baptist Church of White Settlement
"It has been my priviledge to know Tim Lockhart for over 20years and to frequently use him in our church ministry.  As Choo-Choo Tim, he performed beautifully for our boys and men.  Thus, I can highly recommend him as a talented entertainer and singer who, along with also talented wife, Natalie, they can present an excellent program for children through seniors.  They are a sweet couple with sincere hearts and love for serving the Lord."
Rev. David Powe
Pastor, International Church of the Beloved
"I love when I bring in a singer and he connects with my residents and stirs their memories!!! ...there were many bright eyes in the room and lots of smiles & laughter:)  I can't thank you enough."
Tina Pace
Activities Director, Memory Care
"Natalie teaches and reaches you right where you are.  Her sweet spirit just keeps you hanging on to every word.  She would meet you at your needs of 2 ladies or 3000 and reach out to each of them.  You can’t go wrong!” 
Brenda Thatcher,Women’s Ministry Coordinator
Austin, TX
“Natalie has a way of taking biblical principles and making them relevant for real life issues today.  She seeks to draw others into a relationship that strengthens their need for personal revival and a desire to “Go” and fulfill the great commission.  I’ll never miss a chance to hear her again.” 
Stephanie Teague, Outreach Missions and Director of Women’s Ministry
Little Rock, AR
“When Natalie talked about “Coming into Obedience”, I was so afraid it was going to be one of those topics where I was beat over the head for lack of submission, but she brought it to life and caused me to see God’s perspective on this issue.  I have seen that I was not just lacking in submission to authority, but I was not in Obedience to God.  What a joy she was and how very much I needed everything she had to say”. 
Heather Barlow, Director of Women’s Missions
Plano, TX
“...this young lady is on fire!  She is dynamic and has a way to reach your heart no matter your age.  Natalie reflects the Spirit of the Living God in a very beautiful and meaningful way.  Anyone who meets her will be truly blessed.  She was personal and related with all of the ladies in the conference on their level.” 
Sharon James, Women Moving Upwards
Tulsa, OK 
“I could listen to her for hours.  She grips you from the moment she speaks.  Her love for the Lord is evident and she is passionate about Him.  Nothing holds her back from “speaking truth” to the lives of others.  She reflects such a beautiful picture of our Lord”. 
Mary Miller
Crowley, TX