Tim and Natalie Lockhart -  Strengthening...Encouraging...Equipping...Going
We are now preparing for the next journey out again.  Keep an eye out for the new photos to come! 
Journey 1 begins
We now have something to drive
WHERE God leads 
We are ready to GO
WHENEVER God leads
We have a place to live and call home
until God leads us to do WHATEVER!
Leaving for our mission journey

God has commanded us to GO
and we trust Him now to lead us to these places
This was so neat for us.  We had just sat down to eat in a booth and had been praying that God would continue to show us each of His steps and what He would have us to do next.  How much more plain do we need than His own words to remind us that He is there with us showing us each step? 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Pleasant Pennsylvania
While on the journey, we had the chance to go through Pennsylvania where we had the chance to meet up with an old friend of Natalie's and his wife.  He is now a pastor and serving in Tioga, PA.  Great fellowship and catching up with Stephen and Jennifer Neff.  Pray for this couple and their church, Tabernacle Baptist Church.  We hope to meet back up with them again next year and potentially do something to serve and minister together. 
In Pennsylvania, also enjoyed the company of some family and cousins for Tim he had not seen in close to 30 years.  They hosted us in their home and we enjoyed sweet fellowship together. 
Had the opportunity to worship with Tim's uncle and aunt in their services, and we had the chance to sing for him as well. 
A great time and experience was seeing the Liberty Bell and here on the lawn near Independence Hall, an amazing event was being held.  There was a call to prayer and turning the nation back to God on the lawn of this national monument place and people actually on their knees, prayers being lifted, and songs of worship being proclaimed across the loud speakers. 
We look forward to the answer to the many prayers that have gone up from this national monument place and just how this nation can turn its heart back to God.  May we be faithful in our part also.
Embracing New York
A joy and a delight to be with this funny,  wonderful Pastor Chris Ortego and his wife,  Brenda. 
They hosted our stay while we were there in NY.
Natalie and Brenda had the wonderful opportunity to be in Rochester, NY together and to be a part of the Women of Faith Experience there.  A sea of women fill the center to hear the messages of God's word, stories, drama and worship together.  Natalie was able to talk with author, Marilyn Meberg, and to enjoy the artist work of the Jesus Painter.
How exciting it was to meet the sweet people of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in Geneseo and to worship and minister alongside them as they reached out to the community for their Fall Festival.
Don and Kathy work along with the Ortego's and Don serves as Associate Pastor.   Kathy plays a pretty awesome Jonah too! 
David and Brenda serve faithfully in the family as well.  David teaches Sunday School and Brenda headed up the Fall Festival activities. 
See the photos for the Fall Festival and some of our new friends: 
Ming and Grandma                  Fantastic
handle registration             Puppet Show
Fun Day and lots of smiles and
happy faces!
What fall festival would be complete without Choo-Choo Tim?
Natalie found the
children's area
and was attacked
by critters from               Noah's Ark     
Oh NO!!! Natalie has had a tough day as she was swallowed up by a whale too!
Choo-Choo Tim and Natalie singing at the festival.
Natalie met a new friend, Jessica.  She is also the deaf interpreter for Pleasant Valley and also the mommy to this sweet blessing, Madelyn.  Natalie absolutely fell for this sweet and precious little 2 year old cutie pie! 
While in New York, Tim and Natalie had the opportunity to also minister in some Assisted Living Homes.  Some may have been forgotten faces to others, but their faces will long be remembered to us!  Many were believers, and we know also that their names will be remembered forever with their Heavenly Father.
Celebrating a
special birthday
moment.  Here Ethel is excited
to be sharing her
91st birthday along with her daughter, Brenda.