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Ladies of Royal Design
Natalie Lockhart began this ministry as a part of God's plan to reach out to women of all ages.  It was begun as a mentoring program reaching the next generation of young women.  The ministry developed even stronger as young women were reaching out for help, answers, and direction.  Natalie realized that there was more to this.  She wanted to impact a generation to have a desire to see that living for the Lord means truly living from the inside out. 
Through all walks of life, there are women everywhere in need of something like Ladies of Royal Design.  If you are a woman – then Ladies of Royal Design was made for you.  To be a lady involves more than just putting on a dress or fixing your hair.  You do not instantly become a “lady” just because you were born.  You may have become female, but not necessarily a lady.  To grow up as a young girl, become a teenager and young adult—DOES NOT necessarily make you a lady.  There are many older “women” out there who are just that – women.  They have never defined the difference of being a woman and being a lady.  Ladies of Royal Design was created for that purpose.
The name itself uses the acrostic of L.O.R.D as a reminder that the Lord is to be first in every aspect of the ministry.  This was done for the sole purpose of helping women to realize their “royal design”.  Women are called to be more than just women.   L.O.R.D. was born out of a desire to see a new generation of “ladies” .
L.O.R.D. wants to reach out to all women before they get to the point that they define themselves by their titles, their successes and/or failures whether by earned recognition or self-imposed; before they place their value of who they are in what they do. 
So many people often ask what the distinction is between being a woman and being a lady.  The line
is drawn in God’s
Women were created in the image of God and  were created as worthy vessels; uniquely designed for specific purposes.  Culture continues to teach that the value of a woman is in everything around her and in what she does.  Yet her true worth, value, and even her calling is really within her. 
God sees women differently.  Through history womens roles were very meaningless to many.   Yet God has greatly used women throughout His word - like Ruth, Esther, Deborah, Miriam, and Mary.  He placed value within them.  He greatly used their lives for His glory.  God used their character to reveal His plan and He still seeks those who will serve Him.  He still searches the whole earth for those who will answer His call.  These were not just “mere women” – these were “LADIES”.
L.O.R.D. uses the principles of God’s word and takes women to the throne of grace to see how they can live their lives from the “inside out” and reflect a beauty that is far surpassing the beauty the world has to offer. 
L.O.R.D. teaches women that they can be more than just women – they can be “ladies”. 
Women’s issues today affect many areas.  The struggles women face include things like beauty, but doesn't stop there.  Struggles dealing with areas in: spirituality, balancing work and home, emotions, fears, loss, marriage, finances, depression, weight, and the list goes on. 
Most women struggle with their own “self-image” and reflect it in their “self-worth”.  When women struggle, they search for answers everywhere — even if the answer is right in front of them. 
Having known first hand many of these struggles, Natalie wants to help you reach your ladies!  L.O.R.D. meets women where they are today.  L.O.R.D. helps women to move forward from their past and encourages them to be strengthened and empowered leaving their pasts behind and looking to the “prize of their high calling”. 
Natalie Lockhart
Living a Life as a
Lady of Royal Design
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We're making a Heavenly difference in the lives of women everywhere.
Don't be misled by the lies of the enemy, you were designed to be more than just a woman...you were designed to be a LADY of Royal Design.