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How You Can Help

We want to thank each of you who have helped us and believed in us since we first stepped out on this full time faith journey.  Many of you have been able to give continually each month, and we thank you.  For those of you new to our page, please consider how you might support us as well.

We are grateful God has entrusted us with this ministry and He has further blessed us through the support of the friends we call our Faithful Friend Partners. We stand in awe at what the Lord is doing because of your faithfulness.  Because of the Lord's great love, you also make it possible for us to continue to fulfill the great commission to serve the Lord by going wherever, whenever, and doing whatever God asks of us.  
Thank you so much for your partnership, your support and prayers.
We have seen decisions all along the way, and many lives changed in amazing way.  We can't do this alone. We need YOU to continue to partner with us. As God provides, we shall continue to travel the world proclaiming Christ.

We excitedly look forward to what God has planned for this next year. By joining with us financially, we can all accomplish great and mighty things through the Lord for His kingdom.

We know times are tough. We do want you to continue to give to your home church.  We are American Missionaries, asking those of you who are able, and believe in what we are doing in this ministry, to partner with us so that we may continue to proclaim Jesus anywhere and everywhere God calls.  You will never know the impact you have in supporting this ministry, until the day you stand before the Lord and you see all the faces that are in heaven because you had some part in their coming to know the Lord through your support. We sold everything we had and know that God will continue to honor and reward our faithfulness to Him.  We are not going to store up our treasures here, but in heaven. 
We DO need your help as we are a faith based only ministry and all of our needs are supplied and met by God and through faithful friends like you.  Please give as you are able.  We have asked the Lord to only meet our needs, our responsibilities each month, our gas needs as we travel and any other expenses we may incur. 

A monthly pledge or a one time donation of any size will help us serve the Lord together. 
We have created a PayPal account to assist in this as well for your convenience through our 501(c)3.  You may also send your contributions to:
Tim and Natalie Lockhart
PDP, Inc
P.O. Box 10123
Fort Worth, TX  76114
For contributions to the PayPal Account, please click the following to make your contributions:
Other Ministry Needs at this time:
  • additional working vehicle in good repair
  • Different Size containers for storage
  • Office Supplies:
    • Ink Cartridges - helps us avoid large printing costs. 
      Our ink cartridge is #60 for both black and color for            our HP Photosmart printer which is the primary printer used for the ministry.
  • Stamps - used on a continual basis
  • Gift Cards - Due to continual travel, we gladly welcome gift cards for local merchants like Wal-mart or Target, gas cards - including Sams, restaurants, etc.