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About Us
Tim and Natalie Lockhart
We are both committed to God first and to one another second to Him.  God has been equipping us through the years to reach out to those in need.  We see a world that is hurting and needing to know that there are answers.  We believe that as God opens the doors for us, we are to go wherever He leads. 
We have been blessed with two wonderful sons: Cody and our wonderful "daughter-in-love", Wendy, who serve faithfully in the local church and are committed to following after Godly principles. Our son, Chad, is also a faithful witness of living for the Lord as he has stepped into the college arena.  Our family has been our life...and as we have become "empty nesters", we as a family believe that mom and dad have more to do as well.
We were commissioned out of our local church in 2006.  We formed our own 501(c)3 non profit ministry and also incorporated it, and called it "The  Prophets' Dwelling Place, Inc."  It has been used as an avenue to serve those in ministry and those in crisis situations.   We have been able to minister to many individuals that have been serving God's people faithfully, only to have their lives turned upside down by crisis.  God has allowed us to reach through many lives and to connect people where they needed to be, or even to sit with them through long nights of hurt, anguish and tears.
We have had the opportunity to see lives changed and touched as they seek to find answers.  Now, we have been given the opportunity to do this on a broader scale.  We believe God called us to Step Up and to Step Out even more from just the local church doors and to reach out across our nation.  It's time to reach out even further and to Go and make disciples, and to spur on the believers to following after Christ and living godly lives.   We are excited at the opportunities God is opening for us even now.  
Here's a little bit more about who we are individually:
Tim Lockhart
Tim is quite the unique individual.  He has been gifted in not only music, but in the ability to proclaim God’s word with a passion to see lives changed.  He will share with you in however God would lead: music, evangelism, conferences, etc.  He is passionate about getting serious for God and seeing fruit in the lives of others.  Tim has served in many capacities in the local Baptist church from Youth Director to Pastor.  He has participated in mission trips from the Bahamas, Mexico, and Central America.  He has been no stranger to ministry and has a heart for missions.  Having grown up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and under the ministry of Jerry Falwell, he found that his heart is for proclaiming the Word of God in any way he can.  He currently is a part of the Singing Men of North Central Texas.  He currently serves as CEO of the ministry, Prophets Dwelling Place, Inc.  You will find Tim in his favorite outfit when dressed as Choo-Choo Tim, and you will find him entertaining whatever venue with old train songs, gospel music or just sharing the word.    He loves to have fun, enjoys blowing those whistles or creating stories through this character.  He will delight any age and any crowd.  Do not hesitate to contact him to have Choo-Choo Tim come for children's events, senior adult events, median adult, carnivals, or whatever you may have in mind for your community.  If you are looking for an evangelist for music, or even a preacher who will proclaim the word of God with truth and with God's hand and anointing, then do not hesitate to contact Tim.
Natalie Lockhart
Natalie is truly a woman who walks by faith and not by sight.  She is a gifted conference speaker, teacher, and singer.  Natalie is no stranger to working in different capacities of the local church either.  She has been active as the Women’s Ministry Director, Sunday School teacher, served on various committees, served in the church choir, and hand bells.  She has a heart for mentoring young women and helping them to reach their full potential.  Having obtained a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management, she has teamed up with her husband to step out of the corporate world and into full-time evangelistic ministry and use her skills to run the business side of the ministry, as well as any music or speaking engagements.  She is the President of Ladies of Royal Design, which is a ministry that she uses for her conferences and events.  She uses her clear "gift of gab", a little bit of humor, and a bit of Texas style, and visual aids, as she proclaims the truths from God's word as well.  She has a way of reaching women at the heart and right where they are.  Her smile will captivate you, but her clear message of truth and sincerity will reach any group of ladies.  Currently, Natalie serves as the President of the ministry, Prophets Dwelling Place, Inc. as well.  Do not hesitate to contact her for any speaking events, conferences, ladies retreats, banguets or venues you may have for her.  
Tim and Natalie are based out of Fort Worth, Texas but will travel extensively as God opens the doors for them.