Tim and Natalie Lockhart -  Strengthening...Encouraging...Equipping...Going
How may we serve you?
As we travel across the United States, we have seen truly what we call a sad epidemic.  Would you say it was a sickness or a health concern?  Probably most would not.  It is actually worse! 
We have seen the scriptures fulfilling themselves with the words that "the love of many will wax cold."  We see it in the churches all across the land, in the eyes and hearts of men and women, both young and old.  It is a sadness that truly breaks our hearts.  The leaders are struggling to find ways to minister to even their own congregations.  The lay-workers are growing weary in well doing.  The body of believers are becoming disillusioned and discouraged.  Across the land, we see churches closing.  Even when new churches start up, many of them are closed within the first few years.  So what can be done?
Perhaps, you are one of those ministers, lay-workers, or member watching the same thing happen to your own church.  Maybe you see the struggle, but you are not sure how to fix it?  We want to serve you in any capacity that we can.  We want to Strengthen and minister to the leaders of your congregations.  We want to Encourage the Body of the church to find ways to uplift and support its leaders to spur them onward.  We want to Equip both Leaders and Lay-workers to see their work is not in vain.  We of course want to see more workers and the believers on the Going process and making disciples.  We can do these things in several avenues:  preaching, teaching, speaking, singing, retreats, banquets, revivals, etc. 
Believing God had asked us to give up the "comfortable lifestyle" we had lived and to trust Him by walking strickly by Faith for His provision while we proclaim more about Him; we did just that.  The world wants us to store up our riches, our investments, and our "things" here on this earth.  We decided to surrender all for Him and the sake of His calling on our lives.  We sold all our worldly belongings as we sought His will and purpose for our lives.  We believed that He wanted us to proclaim Him boldly and to follow in obedience to His calling.  We stepped out by faith and believed God to open doors for us and continue to believe for those still.  We have seen Him already blessing with many opportunities. 
In the worlds eyes, many may have seen us foolish.  In God's eyes, we are walking in obedience to Him.  In a time when our nation is full of selfish motives, God has called us to proclaim His word to the unbelievers, but also to the church itself to prepare for its Bridegroom.  We began asking ourselves, how we could help the church itself.  As we have traveled across the country, we have seen several common themes running throughout.  We want to be about witnessing and seeking souls for salvation always, but if we are to be edifying the church to be ready for of our Lord, we have some work to do.  The church IS NOT ready! 
We are committed faithfully and we will go wherever and whenever He leads us.  We are not seeking to be rich in the eyes of the world.  We will not charge to come to your event and to lead out as you need us to.  We will come to events on a love offering basis believing that God will provide for our needs for transportation, etc.  We asked the Lord to meet our needs, fill our calendars as He would, and to be honored in all that we say and do.
We are asking for your support too:  to pray for us, to encourage us, to contribute to us as God leads you, and to have your churches, communities, and event planners to contact us to come as God would lead them as well.  We are accepting and lining up events.  Join us as we seek to follow, proclaim, and share the Word of God. 
You can be a part of going with us, even if you cannot travel with us.   Your prayers are a mighty thing!  We need that from you always!  Your contributions are a needed part of our ministry, and your faithfulness and commitment to us is greater still.  We will need Faithful Friend Partners like you to help us to go and to continue to spread the word throughout our nation and to proclaim the message of God's Holy Word.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates, follow our blog - "Notes from Us", and watch for Upcoming events Near You in your local area where you might could visit with us! We look forward to meeting you!